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International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research (IDMJAR) a peer-reviewed, indexed, continuously updated, international journal in dentistry, medicine & allied health sciences dedicated to spread new knowledge and information of all sciences relevant to body in health and disease. The Journal aims to facilitate the application of new scientific knowledge at the highest possible level to the daily practice of the concerned disciplines and addresses practicing clinicians, academics and researchers.

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Current Issue

A 4 years follow-up study of immediate and delayed loading of small-diameter .....

Hamzah Abbas, Khaled Bulad, Mohammad Mazen Kabbani

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Determination of cytotoxicity of dentine bonding agents, hydroxyethyl methacrylate .....

Upasana Jayaram Reddy

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Patient’s satisfaction and muscles activity after management of temporomandibular .....

Radhwan Saleh Algabri, Ahmed Yaseen Alqutaibi .....

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Prosthodontics rehabilitation using palatal expander for a child with ectodermal .....

Ahmad Moutaz Attar, Jamal Dabbas .....

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Bone morphogenetic protein effect on implant stability and bone height .....

Nourhan Ahmed Ragheb, Amal Rekaby .....

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Full mouth rehabilitation with single-implant-single-tooth abutment-supported .....

Ahmad Moutaz Attar

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