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International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research (IDMJAR) a peer-reviewed, indexed, continuously updated, international journal in dentistry, medicine & allied health sciences dedicated to spread new knowledge and information of all sciences relevant to body in health and disease. The Journal aims to facilitate the application of new scientific knowledge at the highest possible level to the daily practice of the concerned disciplines and addresses practicing clinicians, academics and researchers.

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Effect of computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacture versus conventional .....

Radhwan Saleh Algabri, Ahmed Yaseen Alqutaibi .....

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Extraoral cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin: A report of two pedodontic .....

Anika Uppal, Seema Thakur, Deepak Chauhan .....

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Randomized study on effect of conventional versus Schlosser's fabrication .....

Noha Aligamaleldin Abdelaal

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Radiographic evaluation of posterior alveolar ridge resorption in implant-retained .....

Amr Mohamed Ismail Badr, Ahmed Gamal Ahmed Hassan

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Association of drug-induced gingival enlargement (calcium channel blockers) .....

Ajay Chouksey, Nitin Awasthi, Jayesh Rai .....

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Habitual risk factors in gutka chewers

Faisal Rehan, Najam Us Sahar, Rabia Sannam Khan .....

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Oral health beyond mouth: Patients’ opinions on extraoral examination

Abbass El-Outa, Antoine Cassia

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A developed treatment of early abscessed implant

Hadi Bilal

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Prevalence of buccal cervical dentine hypersensitivity and related risk .....

Gaurav Mahajan, Harjit Kaur, Aditi Gautam

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