Peer Review Policy

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International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research (IDMJAR) strictly wishes to communicate to all its readers, contributors, authors and co-authors and other concerned not to indulge in any form of plagiarism. The Editorial Board and the Review Committee has decided to take a Serious View in the above matter and shall resort to appropriate action as and when required.

  • Application of the peer-review process is an indication of journal standards and signifies the overall quality and integrity of the research presented and the completeness of bibliographic elements, especially cited references.
  • Inclusion of Funding Acknowledgements is also strongly recommended. Not only do they help create a greater context for the journal, they also function as a confirmation of the importance of the research presented.

Each manuscript submitted to International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research if found to be suitable will be sent to atleast 2 reviewers for peer reviewing

- The reviewer comments shall be intimated to the corresponding authors email
- The corresponding author should resubmit the manuscript with the corrections within 5 days

Each Manuscript shall be evaluated on the following basis:
1. The originality of its contribution
2. The soundness of its theory and methodology
3. The coherence of its analysis
4. Its ability to communicate to readers (Grammar & style)

Peer Review Policies adhered to by IDMJAR:

  • Publication of the list of reviewers at least once a year
  • Appointment of atleast two independent reviewers for each scientific article
  • Reviewers required declaring no conflict of interest
  • Reviews provided in a written form and containing explicit conclusion regarding acceptance/rejection of the article for publication
  • Publicly available review forms – Click here to view the Reviewer Reply form
  • Non-disclosure of the names of reviewers in individual journal issues

Information for Authors

Generally, the receipt of a manuscript will be acknowledged within 2 days of submission.
All manuscripts are subject to peer review by the Editorial board and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence.
Submissions will be considered by an editor and if not rejected by peer-reviewers, whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors and vice versa.
The handling editor will not disclose any information about a manuscript or its review to anyone except the manuscript's corresponding author.
The corresponding author will usually be notified within 2 weeks of whether the submitted article is accepted for publication, rejected, or subject to revision before acceptance.
If revisions are required, authors are asked to return a revised manuscript to the Editorial Office via online within 1 week.

Information for Reviewer’s

In reviewing an article for International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research we are interested in the overall opinion of the article and any comments you might wish to pass to the author to assist him/her in making the article publishable.
The editor would appreciate atleast one paragraph indicating why this paper makes a contribution to our knowledge. If it does not, your frank and candid opinion of why not would be most welcome.

Guidelines for Conducting the Review

Most important factors that must be considered by a reviewer are:

  • The article must match the area of expertise of the reviewer
  • It’s important to give a fair time to review an article so time is another constraint.
  • The manuscripts must not be shared with anyone by your own
  • Different people have different perceptions. Read an article and make sure that your review is in accordance to the article as well as need of the journal
  • You must hold your points with firm logical reasons
  • Your comments must be reasonable.
Communicating your report to the editor
  • The main parts of articles should be kept in mind while writing your report. It should not be very lengthy.
  • Specifying and matching the article with standard of journal is must.
  • The report has to be shared with the editor.
  • While making recommendations (either you reject or accept or give it for revising) keep in mind the general observation too.
Deadline for completion of peer-review
Timely review and timely publication always gives professional advantages and so it becomes important to meet the deadlines and send the report within the time period. The process of reviewing the article along with recommendations must be done within 14 days. Exceeding that will lead to delay in editor’s decision.