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Author Side Fees

IDMJAR has no submission/processing/publication charges and is solely committed to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Waiver Policy

Not Applicable - There are no article submission charges or article reviewing charges at IJCDMR.

Journal Advertising Policies

All Future Science Group journals will consider advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as a means to provide value to our readers. It is important to us that this is carried out in a responsible way, and therefore Future Science Group journals follow the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) in this regard.

The following policies apply to both the print and electronic versions of journal publications produced by Future Science Group (Future Medicine Ltd and Future Science Ltd):

  • All advertising must be an accurate description of the product or service, legal, decent, truthful, honest and socially responsible (not encouraging illegal, unsafe or anti-social behaviour).
  • Advertisements must comply with the relevant laws, regulations and industry codes for the geographic area in which they appear (including those related to the advertisement of medicines).
  • Advertising has no influence over editorial decisions, with advertising and editorial being managed by two separate departments.
  • A journal’s editorial team has full and final authority for approving print and online advertisements and for enforcing advertising policy.
  • A journal’s editorial team will consider all criticisms of advertisements for publication, in the same way as any other journal content.
  • Advertisements will not be juxtaposed with editorial content on the same product.
  • Advertisements/sponsored content will always be clearly identifiable as such.
  • Advertisements will not be carried for products proven to be seriously harmful to health.

a) All advertising (or sponsorship or funding) must first be approved by the publisher. Inspublishers Pvt Ltd may refuse to accept sponsorship from any commercial enterprise, company or industry and will not be bound to offer any justification for its decision to do so.

b) All advertising (or sponsorship or funding) is handled separately from editorial content. Sponsors don’t have control over the editorial decision.

Sales and Editorial Working Agreement

a)Editorial and advertising sales administration are completely separate operations.
b) Editorial decisions are never influenced by potential advertising or reprint revenues.

Reprints/Hard Copies

We offer a print service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the article; if you are interested in reprints of an article, please email us at

Upto 500 copies of any article with a final PDF can be ordered which will be provided with a cover page. This simple to use service enables users to have reprints delivered to their door. The cost of printing will be notified prior to the author.

For Advertisements please contact:

Advertisement material along with payment should reach us at least two weeks prior to the scheduled online release date. Payment has to be done at the time of submitting the advertisement material/booking the advertisement. Please send your advertisement request, payment details and advertisement material (in digital file format – 300dpi resolution) to the email address given above.


IDMJAR is an open access journal. The published material is available for free to all interested online visitors.

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